Soap dispensers of Hovicon

Hovicon Soap Dispensers

Hygiene is important, especially in health care institutions, food processing and other industrial environments. The soap dispensers delivered by Hovicon ensure hygiene and efficiency based on a high-quality product.

You can purchase dispensers for soap-based hand cleaners or for hand cleaners with abrasive but also for chemical products.  So for all dispensers you can rely on your reliable supplier Hovicon.

Our soap dispensers: always an effective model

In public places soap dispensers are often used. Customers expect a dispenser easy to use with a long life span and reliable hygienic results. We pay close attention to the production and optimization of our dispensers. Therefore our soap dispensers are always of the highest quality.

Soap dispensers for hand cleaner and chemicals

Soap dispensers for hand cleaner are decent and professional pumps especially suitable for garage soap with abrasive for heavily soiled hands. A complete system is the stainless steel soap dispenser with integrated soap dispenser.
Our dispensers for chemicals are high quality industrial dispensers for dispensing thin and thick chemicals.

The soap dispensers are deliverable in several colours, sizes and dosages and can be mounted on 4,5 and 5 L tins, 3 or 4 L containers or on 5 and 10 L jerry cans, if desired also deliverable with a wall bracket. The soap dispensers with push buttons have a maximum dosage of 5-7 cc/ml.

In our factory we produce high-end soap dispensers for over more than fifty years. Our soap dispensers are sold to manufacturers and wholesalers of hand cleaner and chemicals all over the world.

Are you looking for more information about suitable dispensers for chemicals or soap dispensers for hand cleaner please contact us at tel. 0031 (0)23-558 1988, fax 0031 (0)23-558 3606 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.