A sauce dispenser from a wide range

Hovicon Sause DispensersWhat do you think of a sauce dispenser which exceeds your expectations and those of your guests?

Hygiene, accuracy, easy to use and nice to see, those are the requirements that the sauce dispensers of Hovicon International meet.  Excellence is in the finest details.

Look around in our large assortment and be surprised by all possibilities!

With us you can find a sauce dispenser for the dosing of cold sauces, as mayonnaise, ketchup and dressings or sauces with little particles and syrups.

Besides that we also dispose of a sauce dispenser with lever-action control which is suitable to dose hot sauces and which is heat resistant up to 120º C.

Our sauce dispensers are available in several colours, sizes and dosages and we can deliver these suitable for or complete with buckets or stainless steel or plastic containers. The sauce dispenser with push button control has a maximum dosage of 30 cc/ml, while the sauce dispenser with lever-action control can dose up to 40 cc/ml.

We can also deliver a sauce dispenser suitable for gastronorm containers.

A worldly sauce dispenser

Also for specific products we have a solution for you.

What do you think of our sauce dispenser especially for sauces with particles or a complete dressing bar?

These systems allow you to organize your catering establishment in accordance with your needs as well as give you the opportunity to offer your guests an even better appearance.

With over fifty years of experience in the development of dispensers for the catering and cleaning industry we have gained a prominent place in the national and international market.

Our products, including the sauce dispenser and soap dispenser, are used worldwide with great success.

Are you looking for more information about our lever-action dispensers, push button dispensers or our saucebars, please contact us at tel. 0031 (0)23-558 1988, fax 0031 (0)23-558 3606 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.